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Breeder, Handler, Owner, Trainer ~ Stacy Morgan

30+ years Owner/ Manager of StaFra Pet Resort & Spa Stafrapetresortandspa.com

AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Over 20 years, breeder, owner, handler showing and raising our own Toy & Miniature American Eskimo Dogs. Producing some of the Top Conformation and agility Eskies in the USA and handling many other breeds for other owners in the AKC & UKC Conformation show rings. Some of our past dogs you can see here at StaFra’s Retired Show Dogs

My love for the German Shepherd Dog began in 1989.

I got my first Gsd Mix, “Keisha” and later, I was blessed to be able to get a trained, young, retired officer, a West Working-line GSD, “Eddie”. I could take hours to describe what they meant to me!!
After those two amazing dogs, I never thought I would find another GSD like what I had. I never even tried to look at owning another GSD again until 2016. My conformation show dogs over the years had passed away, my children had grown and moved on their own, and my husband started working more away from home. I found myself feeling that need for a large & nothing short of amazing protection dog again.
That led me back to the working line German Shepherd Dog!
So here I am today, completely loving training and competing in obedience, tracking & protection with the long coat working line German Shepherd Dog!

My husband, Frank is my biggest supporter of my love of dogs and has fallen in love with them too!!! “StaFra” is the name he came up with as a mix our names years ago. There was no need to come up with anything new. StaFra is used in our business, our past dogs and now with our GSDs. It is “Us”. We are in it together.

Akc Reg.  Czech and West German long coat working line German Shepherd Dogs. We are dedicated to raising and training long coat working German Shepherd Dogs for obedience, protection, tracking and for active families, sport homes and service dogs. We are actively titling our dogs in AKC and WDA.  We test all of our dog’s orthopedics: Hips, Elbows, etc. with OFA & SV.  Our dogs’ ratings are Excellent, Good & Normal. & A stamped. We test all of our dogs & puppies with Embark:  256 genetic tests using DNA with before going to new homes and before breeding. Our dogs are all DM CLEAR. Our goals for our breeding program is to preserve what we have in ours and always try to improve where we see needed in the health, temperament, working abilities and type. 

We have a few puppies and young dogs in training available.   Take a look at our website for more info and contact us to reserve your next puppy or young adult.

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